Take a trip: Sangyaw!

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Parade started at 1:00 pm. We stayed in Justice Street. People were already lined up to watch the parade. First on the parade was the image of The Child Jesus, followed by merry makers. Merry makers were from different city government offices and fraternity & sororities I think their strategy this time was to put merry makers in between participants. Participants representatives from different barangay. They would stop by at one place and dance in front of judges. At the last part were celebrities and the poticians. The last stop was at Balyuan were participants shows off their dances.

Here are some pics that I got.

Some props for the presentation
Winners of various beauty contest held before the Sangyaw parade.
Girl carrying Sto. Nino.
Participants with their orange slippers. =D
Participants with their abaca props.
Street Dancers..
My favorite props. They look elegant. I had a picture with this. I was in the middle. I’ll try to grab that picture from my friend and will post it here. 
To sum it up, I think the parade was not really that good. If I were to grade them it would be a 6/10. I didn’t enjoy much because street dancers were only dancing on one point so when they pass at our side they would just walk. It was boring and there were long lapses. Merry makers were not even merry! Merry makers should had made an effort to bring drums so that it was like a street party. And I think they had little budget for their costumes because  compared with Pintados  they have these colorful costumes and props. Nevertheless, I think they should do well next year. Keep everything upbeat! Be very organize!

Moda: Sangyaw

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As promised.. I will post pictures of me wearing my new shoes.

I wore this wedges during the Sangyaw Festival (wore it during the parade where we were always walking). I like them because they are really comfortable though they are really high. They also give you instant height. I definitely recommend them.

3/4 Polo: from my boutique 

Brown Belt: Robinson’s Department store

Shorts: Levis

Wedge: Gold Dot 

at Jose Karlos resting after the parade

Chelsea Wedge from Gold Dot

Pintados Kasadyaan Street Dance 2011 Chaos

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“Klaro it dre maaram sumunod hin instruction. Klaro ghap it dre maaram magpa-ubos para hit kalipayan hit tawo ngan hit pista para kan Sto. Nino.”

“It’s salient who among doesn’t know how to follow instruction. It’s also salient who doesn’t have the heart for the sake of the feast of Sto. Nino and for everybody’s happiness.”

Pintados Kasadyaan Festival started at grandstand at 8am. Everything went well until the parade reached corner real-burgos. Some tomeco were already on the streets of burgos street and blocked the way going to justice street. In front were Tomeco members then there were barricades. Afar were two trucks owned by the city that also blocked the way. Attorney Roque Tiu asked permission to the Head of Tomeco to let them pass to pay respect to Sto Nino in Sto Nino Church but the Head of Tomeco did not let them pass because according to them there was a permit given which was only filed on friday, to think a permit should be filed five days before the said event. In the permit it was said that the Pintados Kasadyaan Street Dance was to pass on burgos street and not on justice street. People were getting irritated because Tomeco wont let them pass but the Head of Tomeco stand firm on their duty. As the weather gets hot, the mind of the people gets hot too. They were persistent that they pass that street so they destroyed the barricade but then again it was blocked by two trucks. Even other city officials who joined the parade asked permission but they only failed. The people even started singing the hymn of Sto Nino but the city was firm with the decision. After two hours of delay, Mayor Matin Petilla decided that they would just go back to grandstand since they were not permitted and it was already 11.

Here are some pictures I got:

PNP said they were neutral. 

Chinese Volunteer Fire Truck on the Provincial side.
Officials negotiating. Usyosero Usyosera. People from the media. Police men. 
Barricade destroyed.
Two trucks blocking the way.
Sto Nino going back because of road block. 
Here is a video from the chaos:
Credits to MrPiktaw for the video.
Pintados reached the hot new in INQUIRER.
  • To have a successful parade POLITICS SHOULD BE SET ASIDE
  • It was a barbaric move of the people. You just showed you have no breeding.
  • A disappointing-would-have-been-fun parade.
  • Don’t use the image of The Child Jesus for such things.
  • Tourism of Tacloban is now officially flunk. Thanks to your doing (romualdez-petilla)
  • Next time follow instructions.
  • FACT: Where ever the parade goes, the people will follow. Not the other way around. Just give them a clear instruction as to where you’re going.
  • Pintados should be held 2 days or on a weekend before the feast. A street dance competition for INTER-TACLOBAN. Participants are exclusively from Tacloban. The winner of the said event will represent Tacloban on the following day.
  • Sangyaw will be held before the feast. The competition will be participated by those outside Tacloban such as Eastern Visayas participant or outside EV. The winner of the Pintados event will join as a representative of Tacloban. Now, this will be a national competition.

Take a trip to Tacloban: Pintados & Sangyaw Schedule

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Before I give the schedule I’ll give you a brief history of Sto. Nino Tacloban.

When the Spaniards came to the Visayas in 1668, they found heavily tattooed men and women whom they called Pintados. The Pintados had their own culture and customs, such as commemorating victories by holding festivals and honoring their gods. In the 17th century, the friars banned the use of tattoos, branding the practice as savage and evil.

In 1888, missionaries from Spain brought the image of the Child Jesus that was known as El Capitan to the island. The Leyte natives were drawn to the story of the Child Jesus and became devotees and worshipers of El Capitan.

The Legend

The present image of the Santo Niño was brought to Manila for routine facelifting and change of its vestments. On His way to Tacloban, the streamer “LUZON” which carried the image caught fire off the coast of Romblon and Mindoro. In the confusion, the crate containing the Image was thrown overboard.

No celebration was held, as the report says, as the Hermano, then Mayor Arcadio Zialcita was in a quandary and was in grief over the loss of the revered Patron of Tacloban, the Santo Niño.

Devotees of the Santo Niño almost give up hope of ever seeing the Image again as they never heard of it anymore for almost six months. Sometime in May 1889, however, a letter from Military Governor Jose Gil de Avalle of Mindoro received by the Governor of Leyte to the effect that the Barrio Lieutenant of Barrio Semirara in Mindoro sighted a box labelled “Santo Niño, Patron han Tacloban.”

Immediately, the “Hermanidad Han Santo Niño” organized volunteers and dispatched a party of 9 members to retrieve the “given up for lost” Image which arrived in Tacloban with the precious cargo after much ordeal on June 30, 1889.


In 1986, the businessmen and entrepreneurs of Tacloban City founded the Pintados Foundation, Inc. They began organizing religious cultural activities for the city fiesta in honor of the Sto. Niño. Former Leyte governor Remedios Loreto-Petilla spearheaded the festival which was first celebrated on 12 May 1996. In 1999, the celebration was moved to 29 June in honor of the Señor Santo Niño de Leyte. The Pintados Festival or Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival is annually celebrated on the 29th of June in Tacloban City, Leyte, to honor the Señor Santo Niño or Holy Child. The festival’s highlights include the Leyte Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals, the 17th Pintados Festival Ritual Dance Presentation, and the Pagrayhak Grand Parade. In the Visayan dialect, “Kasadyaan” means “merriment and jollity.”


 Sangyaw is a festival in the Philippines. It was revived in 2008 by the city government of Tacloban, Leyte, Eastern Visayas. Sangyaw means “to herald news” in Waray language. Various festival-participants from different parts of the country participate in this tribal procession. It was held a day before the city fiesta. The festival was first held in 1974 but was cancelled in 1987. By the time Tacloban was HUC (Highly Urbanized City) Sangyaw was proposed by the City Mayor since Pintados was an event held by the province

Schedule Pintados:

June 23

  • Ginoon Leyte (7:00pm) at RTR Plaza
  • Philippine Opera Company Musical “HARANA” (9:00pm) at RTR
  • PlazaLeyte Section Band: Video/Sing Along (11:30pm) at RTR Plaza

June 24

  • Opening of Pintados/Kasadyaan Agri-Fair (4:00pm) at RTR Plaza
  • Pepsi Night (7:00pm) at RTR Plaze
  • Miss Pintados 2011 (7:00pm) at Human Resource Dev’t Center, LNU
  • Leyte Section Band (11:30pm) at RTR Plaze
June 25
  • Adlaw Han Kabataan (4:00pm) at RTR Plaza
  • Celebrity Night featuring: Kris Lawrence, Vincent Buena, Miguel Escueta & Kevin Cisco ( 7:00pm) at RTR Plaza

June 27

– Pintados Kasadyaan Parade (8:00am) from Grandstand to RTR Plaze

Schedule Sangyaw:

June 23

  • 1st National Jetski Competition a 3 day event (7:00am) at Baluarte Beach Resort
  • Tacloban Fabulous Five Pageant Night (7:00pm) at Astrodome
  • SAMLEYAW Cultural Show (7:00 pm) at Plaza de Rizal
  • Mayonnaise Band (7:00 pm) at Parayawan ha Balyuan
  • Christ the King Symphony (8:00 pm) Plaza de Rizal
June 24
  • Mega Jobs Fair (8:00 am) Balyuan Convention Center
  • Sangyaw Awards 2011 (7:00 om) Plaza de Rizal
  • Alamid Band ( 7:00 pm) Parayawan
June 25
  • Mr. Sangyaw Body Building (1:00 pm) Robinsons Place
  • Marivic Amor Dance Group (1:00 pm) Mayor City sts.
  • Kwan Band (7:30 Pm) Parayawan
  • Miss Tacloban 2011 Coronation & Pageant Night (7:30 pm) Astrodome
June 26
  • Leyte Dance Theatre (7:00 pm) Plaza de Rizal
June 29
  • Sangyaw Festival Street Dance
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Full Figured Fashion Week 2011 part 2

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SO.. I found a video of Full Figured Fashion Week 2011. Philippines! When will there be a FFFW here? =D

I would like to thank EXPERIENCEmultimedia for this video.


Wedge and Mary Jane by Gold Dot

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When wearing something same as the others, stand out with killer shoes! 

Check out what’s soon to be added in my collection. =D

Carmie Mary Jane Pumps from Gold Dot

Calliope Wedges from Gold Dot

It’s been days since I saw these shoes. I’ve been eyeing for a mary jane and a wedge from GOLD DOT. I had that feeling that I can’t sleep because I wanted to buy these babies. When I just can’t handle it I clicked and ordered it. Ms. Ally replied with my invoice. (She’s really accommodating ^_^ ) Too bad that the Calliope Wedges were not available anymore. =( Anyway, In exchange with Calliope Wedge I chose this Chelsea wedge.

Chelsea Wedge from Gold Dot

Wee…! I so…. can’t wait! I’ll post pics wearing these babies as soon as I get them.


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