Bantayan 2011

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Very late post of my Bantayan expedition.

For our summer 2011, my friends and I decided to start it in Cebu. We decided to go to Bantayan!

We wanted to go there because of the stories we heard about the place. They said it was like boracay in Cebu.

Anyhoo, we now had the plan on where to go but our next problem was on HOW to go there and the place to stay? GOSH! All of us who wanted to go there has no clue on how to go there but we were so determined we googled it. Hey! What can we say? Everything is in the internet. So.. my friends found a place in Bantayan where we could stay and booked us. Yey! Place to stay: CHECKED.

Now, on how to get there.. We went to the North Bus Terminal and rode the bus going to Bantayan. You won’t get lost because its written on the bus’ placard. It’s a 2-3 hour ride going north. The bus’ last stop is at the pier. Afterwards, you have to ride a boat. It’s not a small boat, ok? It’s big enough to carry 100 people, i think? And can accommodate few cars. So those who are scared of riding a boat, no need to worry. After 45 minutes you’ll arrive at bantayan’s pier. The blue green beach will welcome you! Very very very nice view! White sand! A nice place to stay if you want to get out of busy life. It’s very quiet & serene.

Bantayan beach in the morning

When we got off the boat we rode a tricycle going to SUGAR BEACH (Contact number: 09217755058). We stayed at their good for two room. Amenities: 1 queen size bed, Comfort room & 1 electric fan. They also have air-conditioned rooms or you can bring your tent and put it up on the sand. There are no restaurants in the resort but there are people who can cook for you. You can buy meat, rice, etc. at the market and let them cook, of course with charge.

As for transportation around the place, you can hire a tricycle or “sikad”. There are also motorcycles & bikes for hire just look for those placards.

Stuff to do in bantayan: You can go on island hopping, swimming, Frisbee, swim, kite flying, henna tattoo  and bon fire. Now, with the bon fire at night some one can set-up for you with P50 charge. They also have a cave where you can swim, too bad for us we didn’t get the chance to go there (so wasted). =D

To sum it up, my first vacay for 2011 was a success. Two thumbs up! Bantayan is for beach lovers and people who wants a quiet zone & find their inner peace. Not too much activities but very very nice place to go to. Put it on your list you’ll never regret.


Blubberydoll :-*


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