Pintados Kasadyaan Street Dance 2011 Chaos

June 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

“Klaro it dre maaram sumunod hin instruction. Klaro ghap it dre maaram magpa-ubos para hit kalipayan hit tawo ngan hit pista para kan Sto. Nino.”

“It’s salient who among doesn’t know how to follow instruction. It’s also salient who doesn’t have the heart for the sake of the feast of Sto. Nino and for everybody’s happiness.”

Pintados Kasadyaan Festival started at grandstand at 8am. Everything went well until the parade reached corner real-burgos. Some tomeco were already on the streets of burgos street and blocked the way going to justice street. In front were Tomeco members then there were barricades. Afar were two trucks owned by the city that also blocked the way. Attorney Roque Tiu asked permission to the Head of Tomeco to let them pass to pay respect to Sto Nino in Sto Nino Church but the Head of Tomeco did not let them pass because according to them there was a permit given which was only filed on friday, to think a permit should be filed five days before the said event. In the permit it was said that the Pintados Kasadyaan Street Dance was to pass on burgos street and not on justice street. People were getting irritated because Tomeco wont let them pass but the Head of Tomeco stand firm on their duty. As the weather gets hot, the mind of the people gets hot too. They were persistent that they pass that street so they destroyed the barricade but then again it was blocked by two trucks. Even other city officials who joined the parade asked permission but they only failed. The people even started singing the hymn of Sto Nino but the city was firm with the decision. After two hours of delay, Mayor Matin Petilla decided that they would just go back to grandstand since they were not permitted and it was already 11.

Here are some pictures I got:

PNP said they were neutral. 

Chinese Volunteer Fire Truck on the Provincial side.
Officials negotiating. Usyosero Usyosera. People from the media. Police men. 
Barricade destroyed.
Two trucks blocking the way.
Sto Nino going back because of road block. 
Here is a video from the chaos:
Credits to MrPiktaw for the video.
Pintados reached the hot new in INQUIRER.
  • To have a successful parade POLITICS SHOULD BE SET ASIDE
  • It was a barbaric move of the people. You just showed you have no breeding.
  • A disappointing-would-have-been-fun parade.
  • Don’t use the image of The Child Jesus for such things.
  • Tourism of Tacloban is now officially flunk. Thanks to your doing (romualdez-petilla)
  • Next time follow instructions.
  • FACT: Where ever the parade goes, the people will follow. Not the other way around. Just give them a clear instruction as to where you’re going.
  • Pintados should be held 2 days or on a weekend before the feast. A street dance competition for INTER-TACLOBAN. Participants are exclusively from Tacloban. The winner of the said event will represent Tacloban on the following day.
  • Sangyaw will be held before the feast. The competition will be participated by those outside Tacloban such as Eastern Visayas participant or outside EV. The winner of the Pintados event will join as a representative of Tacloban. Now, this will be a national competition.

§ 2 Responses to Pintados Kasadyaan Street Dance 2011 Chaos

  • Vangie Cabigting says:

    You saw the parade…I saw it too…at our home…I’m from Tanauan, Leyte..I watched it at IBC 6..It was a footage of the Province of Leyte. Caption said “What transpired during the parade-real footage…So that people may know” I watched so that I may know and i was informed.
    I realized the kind of leaders we have in our province. I realized why poverty still persists. I realized that our province is going nowhere. While these officials Pity Party..the city going through a lot of changes..because they do not go running away with their emotions! They act, they impliment, they perform.
    Yesterdays incident was a clear manifestation of it. They use a lot of their emotions that they could no longer think properly and wisely. They acted like children with tantrums deprived of their wants. And these people were EDUCATED and RESPECTED people. They accused their enemies of insulting them when it was from their own mouths that I could hear all sorts of insults they could throw upon the City Officials. I qoute one official saying”Talawan man iton na Mayor”( Your Mayor is a coward)…Didn’t that official checked himself first…Weren’t you the coward one since you were not brave enough to set your pride aside…I can clearly see from my seat how you had insulted those men in uniforms. Still they remained calm. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself. And you are a man who is educated with law but you wanted to put legalities aside?
    You would sacrifice the safety of those you call your people just to spite your enemies..Clearly you had wanted this…taking the chance to be violent so that you may be symphatized…Im an ordinary person but I will not allow myself to be fooled…too bad some people don’t realize when they are being used…

    • blubberydoll says:

      Really? Was it an official who said “Talawan it iyo Mayor?” I don’t know what happened to them, to think they are well educated people. They should have used their brains first before acting on such barbaric ways. I think they should have solved the problem in a civilized.

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