Take a trip: Sangyaw!

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Parade started at 1:00 pm. We stayed in Justice Street. People were already lined up to watch the parade. First on the parade was the image of The Child Jesus, followed by merry makers. Merry makers were from different city government offices and fraternity & sororities I think their strategy this time was to put merry makers in between participants. Participants representatives from different barangay. They would stop by at one place and dance in front of judges. At the last part were celebrities and the poticians. The last stop was at Balyuan were participants shows off their dances.

Here are some pics that I got.

Some props for the presentation
Winners of various beauty contest held before the Sangyaw parade.
Girl carrying Sto. Nino.
Participants with their orange slippers. =D
Participants with their abaca props.
Street Dancers..
My favorite props. They look elegant. I had a picture with this. I was in the middle. I’ll try to grab that picture from my friend and will post it here. 
To sum it up, I think the parade was not really that good. If I were to grade them it would be a 6/10. I didn’t enjoy much because street dancers were only dancing on one point so when they pass at our side they would just walk. It was boring and there were long lapses. Merry makers were not even merry! Merry makers should had made an effort to bring drums so that it was like a street party. And I think they had little budget for their costumes because  compared with Pintados  they have these colorful costumes and props. Nevertheless, I think they should do well next year. Keep everything upbeat! Be very organize!


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