Monkey see, monkey do!

July 30, 2011 § 8 Comments

I love this look from a japanese magazine. It’s stylish, very 70’s and hippie!

I’m such a copy cat! I did something like this.

From a japanese magazine to my closet, here is it:

I even copied how the model posed. 😀

What I wore?

|Off-white eyelet blouse | Scarf made as turban | Rayban glasses | Cross necklace | Chain Black necklace | Bangles bangles bangles | Denim shorts | Fishnet stockings | Polka Bag | Thrifted boots |


Erzullie: Fierce Fashion for Plus Size Ladies

July 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

An online shop for Plus Size Ladies from the Philippines! I started to google online shops in the Philippines and I found this site. It’s hard to find online shops here.

Erzullie: Fierce Curves is owned and designed by Bernalyn Cuevas and Raisa De Guzman. Both have a background in fashion designing.

Erzullie is a high fashion plus size line that is for female young adult and it caters from Large to 4XL. It aims to promote the fierce and sexy image of the plus size women to the plus size women by means of fashion.

The Plus Products:







Erzullie has already reached the top fashion blogs in the Philippines even in the pages of top fashion magazines (preview and cosmopolitan). The line is available at BACKSTAGE STORE (SERENDRA), SUENO, (MAKATI CITY) and CINDERELLA (GLORIETTA 3) but if you are a busy bud you can check their multiply account. Ezrullie: Fierce Curves.

Like them in facebook: Here

Follow them on twitter: Here

More Plus Size Shop to feature soon! 🙂

Love your own

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Why should we love our body?

1. Because it’s our own.

We only have one body.  It’s God’s given gift to us so we should accept it the way it is.

2. Because we can’t exchange it to another.

It is not like a defective dress that you can go back to the store and replace it. You can’t go back to God and ask Him that you are not contented with your body and let Him replace it. It is a NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE POLICY.

3.  Because we are the author of our body.

We are the one responsible on how our body will look. It’s all up to us, no one else but only us.

4. Because we can accomplish something.

It doesn’t mean that you are big you can’t accomplish something because accomplishment is not measured by physical appearance but on the jobs well done. I have a friend, she is big but she’s the best bet on her job. She’s an event organizer of a big company and every event they have is a huge success.

5. Because we have talents.

Hep hep hep! You’re big but you always have one unique talent. Just like Megan Carter from So You Think You Can Dance. She is one of the hefty girls who auditioned but she dances with grace.

So next time when you see those big tummy, flabby arms and huge thighs in front of the mirror just smile and say “I have more to love in my body than to hate.”

How about you? Why should you love your body?  

Any suggestions or inquiries email me at 🙂

Crown hair braid

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As promised I’d post how I did my hair on my post before: Are You A Box Of Crayon.

my crown hair braid

Let’s start!

1. First, divide your hair into two.

2. After dividing take the other half and separate in three section. (we’ll make an english braid)

3. How to braid: Center over left section then center over right section.

Center over Left section     

Center over Right section

3. Continue until done with the left side then secure with an elastic band.

4. Put the braid onto the crown of your head then secure with a hair pin.

5. Do the same on the other side, put onto the crown and secure with a pin.

6. Voila! My crown hair braid.

P.S. sorry for the dark photos. I just used my webcam. 🙂

Thanks for viewing! 🙂 Until next DIY.


July 16, 2011 § 5 Comments

I attended a kiddy party today. I thought of wearing a lace dress because I felt femme, which was really out of the theme. Haha! I just felt wearing one. Anyway the party was really fun. Magic show, sweets for my sweet tooth, and lots of games! Even Mickey and Minnie attended the party. Kids were really hyper and of course the birthday celebrant was the star of the party.

Back to my outfit! I wore a light pink lace dress, as I said above, paired it with a red cardigan and my Mary Jane Pump from Gold Dot (see my post about my shoes before). I accessorized it with pearls to make it more romantic and a red chain headband. Voila! I got my Romantic Vintage Look for a Kids Party (so out of the theme)! 🙂 Oh… I forgot about my beige bag which I borrowed from my friend. She bought it online from Dry Goods Clothing . So there you go about my outfit!

Chain Headband: Online ( I forgot)

Red Cardigan: Thrifted

Light Pink Dress: Bangkok

Pearl Necklace: Korean

Mary Jane Pump: Gold Dot

Beige Satchel Bag: borrowed from a friend (bought in Dry Goods Clothing)

Now, I’m having trouble about my photos. I don’t know which photo looks best.

The original photo:

Is it the vintage effect?

or the boost effect?

Can you help me out? 🙂

Credits to my Beau and my friend Christia.

Boy: Are you a box of crayon?

July 10, 2011 § 9 Comments

Boy: Are you a box of crayon?

Girl: No, why?

Boy: Because you bring color to my life.

Hahahahaha! The most corny pick-up line. As for the  title choice though it was corny it’s funny and relates to my outfit. COLORFUL! Anyway so much for that corny stuff. For my next outfit it’s inspired by ZARA’s tri-colour flats. The color combination was really attracting. Here is the shoe:

Zara Tri-colour Flats

Here’s what I came up:

Pink Top: Zara

 Fuchsia/Magenta shorts: Arizona

Orange Bag: Korea

Green Chain Bracelet/Headband: Online

Green Ribbon Ring: Peaches On top

Colorful Socks: Korea

Green Wedge: Crocs 

Check my hair! They call it a swiss braid. 

Maybe soon i’ll post a blog on how I did the braid on my hair.

Credit to my SISTER for the photo and the braid. 🙂

Boracay 2011

July 9, 2011 § 6 Comments

A really late post again. hahaha! I forgot to post this before.

Last 2010 my friend suggested that we go to Boracay for this year 2011. Everybody was into it and we all booked super early ( 6 months before, i think?) so it would be cheaper. We got our round trip ticket for 4k. Some of us booked the flight from Manila to Caticlan while others including me booked from Cebu to Caticlan.

May 19 2011 we took the 12 noon flight for Caticlan. Caticlan is the nearest airport from Boracay while Aklan is an hour ride before you get to the port. It’s an hour ride from When we arrived we hired a tricycle and paid 117 php ( includes the environment fee, fare for the trike and the boat) Its a 5-10 minute ride till you arrive at the port. You have to pay 50 php for the terminal fee. When you arrive at the port of Boracay there are tricycles to reach the beach or you can hire a multicab. Fare is 100 php. We stayed at Tan’s Guesthouse because they have a big room that can accommodate 10 people since we were 14. Tan’s Guesthouse is located at Station 2 and a few meters away from the sea shore. For reservation you may contact Ms Net Sacapano at these numbers:  036 288 6878 (phone number), 09285000040 or  09209202481. Photos of Tan’s Guest House click on this: Link.

Stuff you we did at Boracay:

Swim at the clear blue sea.

Frisbee with friends.

Enjoy your ice cold beer with friends.

Jump at Ariel’s Point. For 1400 php you get unlimited jump at their cliff, snorkeling and eat-all-you-can/drink-all-you-can lunch and snack.

I got the best souvenir from Ariel’s Point. LOL. HEMATOMA!


Helmet diving.


Flyfish flying! haha!

Party! Free Drinks and New Friends!

Some stuff we didn’t have the time to do:

  • Zorb
  • Henna Tattoo
  • Braid our hairs
  • Sunset Sailing
  • Island Hopping
  • Scuba Diving
  • Kiteboarding
  • Skimboarding
  • Man! I forgot to take pictures with those fire dancers.
Meet US!
Our group pic in our messy room! With my new tsinelas because somebody stole my havs!
I love this swimsuit. Got it from Hot Pink!
Till next trip! Ciao!
Credits to Nikki, Ralsten and Christia for the photos.

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