Love your own

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Why should we love our body?

1. Because it’s our own.

We only have one body.  It’s God’s given gift to us so we should accept it the way it is.

2. Because we can’t exchange it to another.

It is not like a defective dress that you can go back to the store and replace it. You can’t go back to God and ask Him that you are not contented with your body and let Him replace it. It is a NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE POLICY.

3.  Because we are the author of our body.

We are the one responsible on how our body will look. It’s all up to us, no one else but only us.

4. Because we can accomplish something.

It doesn’t mean that you are big you can’t accomplish something because accomplishment is not measured by physical appearance but on the jobs well done. I have a friend, she is big but she’s the best bet on her job. She’s an event organizer of a big company and every event they have is a huge success.

5. Because we have talents.

Hep hep hep! You’re big but you always have one unique talent. Just like Megan Carter from So You Think You Can Dance. She is one of the hefty girls who auditioned but she dances with grace.

So next time when you see those big tummy, flabby arms and huge thighs in front of the mirror just smile and say “I have more to love in my body than to hate.”

How about you? Why should you love your body?  

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