Body Type Quiz from Yahoo!

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While I was reading this article from Yahoo! about “Vanity Sizing” I came across this link on how to tell your body type. Here’s the link:

You have to answer some easy questions then voila! you have your body type. I took the test and here’s my result.

Your body shape is triangle. Your body type is primarily endomorph with some mesomorph tendencies.

TriangleIllustration by Scotty Reifsnyder
Your Shape
Classically feminine, with shapely legs, a whittled waist, and a curvy bum.
Your Health
Triangles have higher levels of estrogen, which signals fertility. Wider hips may protect from heart disease and boost the chances of living longer. With your body shape, obesity increases your risk for memory loss and mental decline; staying trim as you age is important.
Your Beauty
Humans are hard-wired to find your figure attractive, from way back in caveman times. A triangle body shape, which stores fat in the hips and thighs, suggests that you can maintain a pregnancy and produce healthy children.
Fashion Tip: Add structure
Your chest and shoulders are small, so add volume to your upper half. This summer, try a boatneck shirt with horizontal stripes, or a wide scoop neck in bright jewel tones. On chilly evenings, go for a cropped jacket, or a cardigan with three-quarter sleeves.

You’re soft and feminine, reminiscent of the Renaissance’s most lauded ladies. Your metabolism might feel like your biggest foe, but try focusing on your favorite body part and doing strength-training exercises to highlight it. Most women are endomorphs, but as you build muscle and burn fat, you might see a stronger secondary, or even primary, body type emerge.
Nutrition Tip: Eat an energy-boosting breakfast
Aim for foods that will provide long-lasting energy. Start your day with a low-fat yogurt and fruit smoothie. Add coconut water instead of juice—sugar-sweetened drinks will make your energy spike and crash. Complex carbs are great for your body too. Try oatmeal or whole wheat toast with nut butter or scrambled egg whites for a healthy, hearty kick-off to your day
Exercise Tip: Love your legs.
Most women aim to increase muscle tone, but shy away from leggy workouts and focus on their abs instead. Think of it this way: Muscle is a fat-burning powerhouse, so the key to all-over tone is building strong legs, glutes, and lats—the biggest muscles in your body. Yoga and pilates work all three while improving balance and support



Repost: 5 Style Essentials Every Plus-Size Woman Should Own

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THis article is a repost from Yahoo!

By Julia Malacoff, REDBOOK

Stock up on these stylish classic pieces that will flatter your shape while carrying you through all four seasons.

1. A Great Pencil Skirt

Whether it’s for work or an evening out, a pencil skirt is refined, yet classic, and complements all shapes. Liven up the classic pencil skirt by going for a dramatic color.

2. A Cool Blazer

A blazer can be used to add a stylish layer to any outfit. This is a piece that can carry you from the office to after work engagements. Try a current style, like a boyfriend cut, or stick with a classic for a more polished look. This jacket’s built-in fabric belt accentuates and cinches the waist.

3.  A Wide Belt

 A great belt can add an element of interest to any outfit. Try incorporating a brightly colored one into your everyday skirt-and-blouse office combo. A thicker belt that cinches your waist will help emphasize your curves in the best way possible. A daring tri-colored belt provides a cute and fashionable alternative to other traditional wide belts. Its mixture of colors brightens up any wardrobe and provides a perfect accent for tamer outfits.

4. A Shift Dress

A shift dress will skim your curves in the most flattering way, and don’t be afraid of color! It’s true that wearing all black will streamline your silhouette, but you can get the same effect with any solid color. The ruching accentuates the waist, while the pleated neckline draws attention to the face.

5. A Pair of Jeans That Really Fit

 Jeans are a closet staple that every woman should own. It’s better to have one pair that fits you perfectly than several that you aren’t completely happy with. Dedicate an afternoon to trying on jeans and finding your perfect fit; it’s totally worth it!







Olivia Palermo

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I found this photo of Olivia Palermo. I love her because she's so stylish and everything looks good on her.
 I call her The Real Blair Waldrof.

This is a really simple outfit but she carries it with style. Here's my outfit:

3/4 Polo | dress but used only the skirt | Native bag: local shop
Forever 21 glasses | Cameo Necklace | Gold Bracelet

Here's my perfect bun. I used something to make this bun. Next time I'll post the one I used and how I used 
it. :)
You stand out because you're "YOUnique",

SM Women’s PLUS MODEL Search

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Calling out all plus sized ladies from the Philippines! Here is your time to shine! 🙂 SM is now in search of a plus sized model. What are you waiting for? If you’re interested and got the body apply now! 🙂


Here are the details on how to join:


  • Female, single or married
  • 16 to 35 years old
  • At least 5” in height
  • Dress size: 2L – 5L (US size 12 to 20)



  • Minimum purchase (single receipt) of Php800 from SM’s Plus Size Departments’ House brands (Jus’ Ur Size, Ladies Circle, Full Bloom, Jus’ Jeans, Baleno Plus, Me2) at any SM Department Store.

–  only regular priced item is valid for application

–  Valid receipts are from JULY 15 TO SEPTEMBER 4, 2011

* Once receipt has been stamped, it is considered as a FINAL SALE.  Items included in the minimum purchase cannot be returned even if damaged, but it can be exchanged (within the SM Standard of Return-Exchange Policy with regular-priced items) of any Plus Size outright brands (Jus’ Ur Size, Ladies Circle, Full Bloom, Jus’ Jeans, Baleno Plus, Me2) with the same price or of higher value.



  • Present receipt at the SM Plus Size Department Redemption Booth
  • Get coupon/unique code and application/registration form



1)      Manually :

a.      Enclose photo (5R sized full body and head shot/close-up), filled-up application form and photocopy of any valid ID in an envelope to be provided by SM Women’s Plus Size Depatment

b.      Submit the envelope at the promo booth located at the SM Plus Size Department


NOTE : Make sure that the unique code is written in the registration form.


2)     Online (via Facebook)

a.      Go to and click on Women’s Plus Model Search tab

b.      To register, fill-up the application form, put the unique code and upload photo plus the scanned copy of any valid ID




o  Obscene, pornographic, or sexually-explicit content or information

o  Content that is considered offensive to the users, such as those which encourage the commission of an illegal, immoral or threatening activity, promote harassment, racism, hatred or discrimination against any group or individual, or provide information which you know are false, misleading, or harmful to any group or individual

o  Content which shows strong support or opposition to any political or religious group or person

o  Content which are defamatory or libelous in character or those which violate the privacy of any group or individual

o  Content which infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, publication right, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right, or those which promote the infringement of any party’s intellectual property rights


1) FOR MANUAL APPLICATION : Two (2) 5R sized pictures

  • One (1) full length body shot picture of yourself wearing a dress above the knee hemline (frontal view)
  • One (1) close-up head shot (frontal view)
  • Submit a photocopy of any Valid ID (Passport, Driver’s License, any government issued ID) for validation of age and birthdate



Two (2) 5R sized pictures with the following specifications : (view online samples for reference)

  • One (1) full length body shot picture of yourself wearing a dress above the knee hemline (frontal view)
  • One (1) close-up head shot (frontal view)
  • Should be in jpeg jpeg, png, gif format, 72 to 100 dpi, minimum dimension is 350 x 300 pixels, maximum dimension 1024 x 768 pixels and maximum photo is 2mb
  • Upload a scanned copy or photo of any Valid ID (Passport, Driver’s License, any government issued ID) for validation of age and birthdate.
  • Click on the Box validating terms of entry

* I certify that I have the rights on the photo to be submitted.   By uploading this entry, I understand that SM Ladies Wear has the right to use the entry without  limitation.



  • Manual Submission – September 4, 2011 / mall hours only
  • Online Submission – September 4, 2011 / 11:59pm only


On September 8, 2011/2PM at SM Head Office, Bldg. C, JW Diokno Boulevard, Mall Of Asia Complex CBP-1A, Pasay City, all entries shall be screened to get the top 20 candidates by the SM Representatives/Contest Judges in the presence of a DTI Representative.  Entries will be based on the following criteria :


o      50% Face – Finalists face must look healthy, happy with clean, vibrant and even toned skin.  Eyes are clear and bright

o      50% Body – Curvaceous body with waistline proportion to bust and hips


a –  The Top 20 chosen will each receive Php2,000 worth of SM gift certificates in Php 500 denomination.  SM Gift Certificates shall be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance

b –  They will be notified via telephone call, SMS, email and registered mail to do an interview with the judges (with the presence of a DTI representative) to be able to come up with the 8 semi-finalists


The Top 20 Contestants shall be scheduled for an interview from September 12 to 13, 2011/1 to 5pm only.


o   All contestants who resides in Metro Manila/GMA will be interviewed at the SM Head Office with the presence of a DTI Representative .  If in case a contestant cannot go to SM Head Office, she can be interviewed via Skype or Yahoo Messenger (with webcam)


o   Contestants from the Vis-Min area can either be interviewed online via Skype or Yahoo Messenger (with webcam) or go to the nearest SM Department Store



1)      Mercedes Prieto

Senior Outright Merchandise Manager,

Ladies Fashion Management Corporation

SM Retail, Inc.

2)      Christine Cang Sapnu

Assistant Vice President, Operations

Ladies Fashion Management Corporation

SM Retail, Inc.

3)      Alyanna Martinez

Fashion Stylist



o    30% Face

Finalists face must look healthy, happy with clean, vibrant and even toned skin.  Eyes are clear and bright

o    30% Body

Curvaceous body with waistline proportion to bust and hips

o    20% Character & Personality

Finalists must have a pleasing and vivacios personality, be out-going, and confident

o    20% Articulate

Finalists must be able to respond to queries and express themselves clearly


The 8 Semi-Finalists chosen will each receive Php3,000 worth of SM gift certificates in Php500 denomination.  SM Gift Certificates shall be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.  They will be notified via telephone call, SMS, email, and registered mail that they are part of the 8 Semi-Finalists.


The Top 8 Semi-Finalists chosen photos will be uploaded by September 14, 2011 on the Top 8 Gallery of the Facebook Women’s Plus Model Search tab.



Registered Facebook user of any age and gender can vote.  A person can vote 3x per day per Facebook Username/Email Address





Step 1 – Log on to

Step 2 – Visit the Fan Page by typing in

Step 3 – Click on the SM Women’s Plus Model Search button

Step 4 – Click on the “LIKE” button (if already a FAN, it will go directly to the FAN page

Step 5 – Click on a thumbnail to view an entry

Step 6 – To vote for an entry, click on the VOTE button at the bottom of the photo

Step 7 – Fill out registration form

Step 8 – A confirmation message will appear to confirm your vote


VOTING PERIOD : From September 15 to 25, 2011 until 11:59pm.



On September 26, 2011/2pm, SM Representatives/Contest Judges will be at the SM Head Office to rate the Semi-Finalists in the presence of a DTI Representative.



  • 20% Public Scores
  • 80% SM Representatives/Contest Judges Scores



o     50% Face

Finalists face must look healthy, happy with clean, vibrant and even     toned skin.  Eyes are clear and bright

o  50% Body

Curvaceous body with waistline proportion to bust and hips


The FINAL 3 will be notified immediately via telephone call, SMS, email and registered mail.



1)      Php10,000 worth of SM gift certificates.  SM Gift Certificates shall be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance

2)      Php3,000 worth of PLDT gift pack


The GRAND WINNER will receive the following :

1)      Php20,000 worth of SM gift certificates.  SM Gift Certificates shall be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance

2)      Php5,000 worth of PLDT gift pack

3)      Trip for 2 to Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong for 7days (including hotel accommodation) worth US$ 3,430 plus Philippine Travel Tax worth Php 1,620 and US$ 800 pocket money only.  All travel documents and other travel related expenses will be shouldered by the winner.  Trip shall be availed within 6 months from the date of claiming

4)      6-months Modeling Contract (exclusive) for SM Jus’ Ur Size and Jus’ Jeans worth Php60,000



1)      For those residing in Metro Manila/GMA, prizes may be claimed at the SM Head Office.  For those in the Vis-Min

area, winners may claim their prize at the SM Department Store nearest them

2)      All winners will be notified via telephone call, registered mail and email

3)      All claimants must present the registered mail sent to them and at least 2 valid IDs :

a.      Passport

b.      Driver’s License

c.       Any Government Issued ID (e.g. SSS, GSIS, etc)

4)      All prizes are not convertible to cash unless indicated

5)      All taxes for prizes exceeding the amount of Php10,000 will be shouldered by SM Department Store

6)      Unclaimed prizes after sixty (60) days of notification through registered mail will be forfeited with prior DTI


7)       By joining this contest, participants agree to allow SM Department Store Ladies Wear to use their photos to any SM Department Store PR related campaigns and to participate in promo advertisements (publication of broadcast winners’ names and photos) without additional consideration. To the extent allowed by law, acceptance of the prizes constitutes permission for SM to publish the winners’ name and/or show them on ads without prior notice and without additional consideration

8)      All employees of SM, their agencies/third party suppliers, and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the contest

9)      The contest organizer’s decision is final with the concurrence of DTI


Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5227 Series of 2011

Repost from Plus-size Couture

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Plus-size couture
By Larry Leviste
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:03:00 08/27/2009
IN THE real world, size really doesn’t matter. Or it shouldn’t, because 70 percent of women on our planet aren’t fitted with a size-zero body like models in Vogue magazine.

This is why most double-digit-sized women find it frustrating and infuriating that ready-to-wear doesn’t address their distress. Usually, shapeless kaftans or dusters in big floral prints are the store staples for the full figured.

For today’s Inquirer Exclusive spread, designer and environment advocate Dita Sandico Ong (35 Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan; tel. 7267260) celebrates plus-size couture with color-sure cotton jersey separates with her iconic indigenous woven accent shawls, boleros and neckpieces.

It starts with a positive attitude, Ong says, being happy inside your skin, that confidence that you love your figure and yet want to wear the latest styles and accessories. It definitely empowers women who have been forgotten in the fashion market. These pieces say I belong.

Start with vibrant happy colors that will make your figure sing sensational. Use face-flattering accents for your top as shown in the arresting boleros, sculpture scarves and fashion shawls. Wear flowing skirts and pants in comfortable cotton jersey.

Be bold to flaunt your assets via makeup or accent jewelry. With wonderful people around, you will surely feel likewise.

From Miu Miu to Me

August 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

I saw this outfit from Miu Miu runway fashion. I instantly loved the outfit because it’s so floral. There’s a great mix of patterns, prints and colors. The outfit says “Sweet”.

Here’s my outfit:

 Black Floral 3/4 Polo | Peach Floral Skirt | Brown Braided Belt

 Red Checkered Purse | Green Crocs Wedge 

Black Cocktail Ring | Black and Silver Bangles


Kpop Sister

August 8, 2011 § 5 Comments

August 6, 2011 my sister had their acquaintance party. The theme was kpop. My sister asked me to google an outfit about kpop. I’m not a big fan of kpop songs because first of all I can’t understand the song but I’m totally into their fashion. Their fashion is so full of colors. I love korean fashion because their so stylish and fresh.

Here’s what I found that would suit my sister:

My sister copied the one on the left side.

Here’s my sister’s outfit:

 My sister’s kpop outfit

Glittery dress | Blue tights | Yellow Tights | Gold dot wedge | Bangles


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