China Day 1

November 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Lately, I was not posting anything because my family and I had a vacation in Beijing, China! Woohoo! November 8, 2011 we had a four-hour plane ride from Manila to Beijing. When we arrived the cold weather welcomed us. Brrr… It was autumn there and approaching winter already. We have to wear jackets and closed shoes so we wont get cold easily. I love the weather it’s like the whole place is airconditioned.

We ate lunch because we have to wait for the other six people included in our tour. Since the other six arrived late we only get to see two tourist spots that day.

First day itinerary:

1. Bird’s Nest

It is officially known as National Stadium. It was opened for the 2008 Summer Olympics when China was the host country.

See the seats? A lot isn’t it? It could accommodate 100,000 people.

2. Water Cube


It is officially known as the National Aquatics Center. It was opened for the swimming competition in the Olympics.  It’s a few walks away from the bird’s nest.

3. Acrobatic Night Show

Photos were not allowed but I got some few pictures before the show started and at the opening. The show was really nice! Even the oldies that was with us enjoyed the performances. An acrobatic show has become one of the most popular evening entertainments for tourists in Beijing. You can enjoy gravity-defying contortionism, juggling, chair-stacking, and plate-spinning acts, magics, mask changing and totally a lot more.

I took only two photos. boo!

Before the show starts

During the opening.


French Connection Leather Jacket | Thrifted Polka Top | Black tie | Levi’s Jeans | Thrifted Shoes | Black Bag | Black Ring from Cebu


§ 2 Responses to China Day 1

  • m.i.t.c.h says:

    Loving the leather jacket! Olympic sites is best seen at night because of their bright lights. How was the show? I never had a chance to see one.

    • blubberydoll says:

      thanks! 🙂 Yep that’s what the tour guide said but we never got the chance to see it at night because we were on schedule. Nevertheless, it’s pretty in the daylight too. Great architecture! The show was amazing! My mom was even entertained with the performance especially the 10 girls who rode one bike. That was really amazing! They were great at balancing! You should try watching. 🙂 I think 3 days staying in Beijing was not enough for me. I want to go back and explore Beijing more. 🙂

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