China Day 2

November 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Second day and the weather is getting colder and colder. By the way, we stayed in City Inn Hotel. It’s four star hotel near happy village. The place is clean and when you get out there is a nearby department store and some fast foods like KFC and Pizza Hut. Though the name is City Inn it is not literally located in the downtown area. It’s an hour away from the downtown. It’s near Happy Village, an amusement park. For the food during breakfast it’s the typical chinese food. They serve some familiar foods like fish fillet and arroz caldo. There is a small souvenir shop inside the hotel and the prices are okay compared to those sold in great wall and other tourist spots. The only problem we encountered was the communication with the front desk. So if you have problems you need an interpreter badly or you should be great with sign language. 😀

City Inn Front Desk or Reception Area with my mom as the model

The two beds with my mom as the model again. 😀

So much for our hotel here’s the itinerary for the second day.

Before the Jade Factory we passed by this Old building. This is really old! ( like a century-old?) It’s a gate.

First stop, Jade Factory

The place where my mom bought a lot of jade pendants. They said a Jade Pixu (a little dragon which eats anything but does not make popo :D) gives good luck and wealth.

Jades have different color. Those are jades. They have a lot displayed in the factory.

Jade Cabbage. These brings good luck. It costs a lot too. 

A Pixu. Most establishments in Beijing have 2 Pixu statues before the entrance. (Goodluck!)

2nd stop: Great wall

Took us 1 and a half hour to get there. Facts: It was built to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire against intrusions by various nomadic groups. In the northern part of the vast land of China there lies the Great Wall which stretches from east to west, winding over mountains, across grasslands and through deserts in numerous twists and turns. Spanning total of 5,600 km, it starts from the banks of the Yalu River in the east and meaders toward the Qilian and Tianshan Mountains in the west. It’s considered as one of the world’s seven wonders in the medieval times. Moreover, Neil Armstrong said that the Great Wall is one of the two construction projects on the earth that can be seen clearly from space.

Wear flat shoes or any shoes that are you’re comfortable with because you need a lot of walking and climbing the stairs. whew! Good thing the weather was cool that time.

The Great Wall.

Jumpshot! 😀

After The Great Wall experience, we had lunch with chinese dishes. Honestly, I like some of the dishes because  they are the same with the Filipino food.

With the group having out lunch.

After lunch, we went to Summer Palace. From the place we had lunch upto the Summer Palace it took us an hour and a half bus ride. (most of the time it would take us that long before we arrive to the next tourist spot)

Summer Palace Entrance

The four decoration on the door shows your position as an official. The more the higher the position. 

Outside dragon lady’s room. 

A very detailed roof. 

Long Corridor with thousands of unique paintings.

After the summer palace, we went to Huawei.

You’ll get a tour around Hutongs, an old traditional alleyways and courtyard homes, riding a cycle rickshaw.

Cycle rickshaw, a traditional transportation in the alleys.

Cycle rickshaw waiting for customers. 😀

Short stop! Take a picture with the beautiful lake. 

You’ll pass by bars, old houses & a lot of souvenir shops.

For dinner, we had to eat here. Main course: Pecking duck, a very popular dish in China.

They serve pecking duck here. 


Mango Blazer | Black Sheep Shirt| Brown Braided Belt |Gray Scarf

Levi’s Denim Shorts | Black tights | Black Parisian Flats | Black satchel bag


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