Choco Revel Bars?

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Photo from my webcam

Ohhh! First of all, this is my second time baking so I have an excuse for not making it perfect. 😀 This is the second time I made Choco Revel Bars. My first try failed. 😀 The pan was too big for my creation so it turned out to be so thin then I used margarine to grease the pan which made the bars stick to the pan. Hahaha! I know! I’m really bad at baking but I wont stop until its perfect. Learned my lesson with my first experiment. So I used smaller pan and used oil to grease the pan. (Please if you know how to bake enlighten me on what to use in greasing the pan. Hahaha! ) Anyway, on my second try i think using baking powder instead of using baking soda makes a difference because my bars were like mini cakes. Lesson learned again! Nevertheless, it tastes good! I’d say I’ll give myself 8/10 rating. 8 for all the effort! 😀



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I had this dress for a long time ago. I found it in my closet and decided to wear it. It’s a maxi dress. The top is a lace sleeveless and the bottom is a pleated sheer. I have to wear tube underneath because you could totally see my undergarment since its lace. 😀 Anyhoo… here it is

Black Bangkok Maxi Dress

Denim Vest

Forever 21 Glasses

Nothing much, I just wanted to show off my shoes! 😀

Nyx Matte Lippie: Pure Red ❤

Guess Watch | Bangles, Cross Necklace, White Cocktail Ring & Cross Connector Ring from Cebu

Scarf Wedge from Aumbry

I love those shoes! They’re very comfortable and elegant to look at. The scarf design makes the shoes chic! More outfits to come. Like my look:



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Asian Vogue Shop

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Xin Nian Kwai Le!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Happy New Year!

To all celebrating the new year, may all of us change for the better. Change comes from within. May prosperity, good health & good luck visit us this year. Yey! 😀

This is what I wore yesterday: Pastels! Pastels are so cute this season. And I read in elle that it’s in trend again! Check the colors in my outfit. I have to edit the picture because it was too pixelated. Credits to my sister who took the photo. *big Hug*

Bangkok top | Bandage Skirt from AUMBRY | Parisian Gray Shoes

White Statement Necklace 

GUESS watch | Bangles & Turquoise Ring from Cebu


Love the details on this shoes ❤
That’s all for now! 😀
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Love love,

Fairy Tail <3

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Lately, I haven’t been posting anything because I was busy reading Manga ( japanese name for “comics/cartoons”). This occupied all my time. I got all this free manga from They have a lot of choices from romance, comedy to action. What’s more amazing is, if you’re confused on what to read there is a link where the site can randomly select a manga you can read.

Currently, I’m reading Fairy Tail. The story started with Lucy who wants to be a full-pledged mage and join a guild.  She meets Natsu, the dragon slayer from Fairy Tail. From there Natsu & Lucy became a team and they worked together to get the job.

As of now, the chapters are not yet finished. The last chapter is 267th and it’s still going on. Wooohhh! I so can’t wait for the next chapter. -__-



Here’s what you won! :D

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For Ms Ciara Bitonga!

Your item just arrived and I immediately sent the it.

Hope you like it! 😀

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from Why Men love Bitches! (1)

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So I’m reading (not finished yet) this book & I just got hit by some of the explanations why guys love bitches but from what I can imagine a bitch(the one that’s described in the book) is kind of boring woman. She’s a  very laid back person, the come-what-may kind. Anyway, here are some messages I got from the book.

Yeah! I think girls & women are so conscious with what other’s say an approval/ disapproval it maybe because we’ve grown up to standards of media. Monkey see, monkey do! Magazines & commercials will show you gorgeous women and tells you you’ll have skin like this afterwards. C’mon! If the woman in the advertisement is in her early 20’s of course those in their 30’s wont have that skin that she has! Haha! I think what this book is saying is have your own standard. Don’t get dismay by other’s opinion, use them as constructive criticism. 😀 Be the only ONE!

I agree! Hey, if you give everything then that’s it! There’s nothing to expect. Guys get bored at those stuff. They want to be mentally challenged (according to men surveyed by the book). You have to leave them hanging so they’ll want more. You have to keep them guessing on what comes next. Of course, self respect should be on your pedestal. Don’t forget!

More to come!


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