S. Korea 2

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We stayed at Daemyung Resort and breakfast was great! *burp* We need to eat because we had a lot of activities ahead. Let’s go!

Our veiw from the hotel: Snow! 

NAMI ISLAND – If you are familiar with the korean series “Winter Sonata” Nami Island was the setting.

Nami Island

Lunch: Chicken Barbecue

If you are hungry in Nami Island there is a restaurant there famous for their Chicken Barbecue. In fairness, it was delicious! It tasted like Chicken Tocino. Like the pork barbecue you may eat it with rice or wrap it with lettuce.  😀

 We’re ready to grill! 

Chungju Lake Cruise : enjoy the view of Danyang Palgyeong the Eight Scenic Wonders

Didn’t really enjoy the cruise because it was too cold. 😀

 Dinner: We had our early dinner at a Korean Restaurant. It was like shabu-shabu with noodles, chicken, herbs and vegetables in it. I love the seaweed paired with rice, reminds me of Colifornia rolls. yumm!

with the group

We had a two hour ride before going to the hotel. For our last activity we were going to swim but for some reasons the pool was close so our tour guide suggested to have sauna instead. Sauna is popular in Korea because it makes their skin look younger. Good thing I didn’t go because I’m kind of conservative. Haha! (You need to be naked inside the sauna! Yes! No towel or anything to cover your privy.)


S. Korea 1

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April 12, 2012 we took our 1 am flight in Cebu International Airport. We arrived in Incheon International Airport at 6 am in the morning. So much for the beauty sleep but South Korea here we are!

First in our itinerary: The National Folk Museum of Korea

The Museum

Outside the Museum

Cherry Blossom starting to bloom!

Year of the Dragon

Next: The Palace where the royal family of Korea lived. This place also became known because some scenes were filmed from Jewel in the Palace. A popular television series not only in Korea but also in neighboring countries like the Philippines. FYI: the museum is near from the palace and you also need a ticket.


Going to the palace

Jang Geum poster

Designs on the roof

One of the tour guide wearing a traditional hanbok

Where parties were held


Lunch: Pork Barbecue

Served with sticky rice, kimchi, lettuce and some side dish

Next: Everland. Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. Along with its main attractions, Everland also includes a zoo and a water park known as Caribbean Bay. Everland is operated by Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.

To the entrance

Our ride going down


Tulip Festival

Tulip in full bloom

Catch this parade at 2:30 pm!

Tulip at the entrance


Mushroom Shabu-shabu! Dinner is served!

 DAY 1: DONE! 


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If you’re from Tacloban I know you’ve been here (especially our mom’s or dad’s age bracket. haha!) at Yolandas. It’s located in San Jose, Tacloban City. This restaurant has been established long before Jollibee, Mcdo, and other fastfood restaurants came here in Tacloban. It was the best restaurant before serving fish, shrimps and squid dishes. I think this place is what they call SUTUKIL (meaning “SUgba” broiling, “TUla” fish stew in clear broth, “KIlaw” Ceviche). You can choose the fish and they will cook it for you. Outside the restaurant is a small market where they sell fish and other seafoods then you can let the chef cook the seafood the way you want it.

Yes! this is the place! Nothing Fancy! 

It’s like another Carenderia! Don’t mind the place & the fishy smell! MIND THE FOOD! Delicioso!  🙂

View from the inside! 

Broiled Fish! 😀

Kinilaw! This is my favorite. *Super happy face*

Best way to eat here: Using your hands! 

 The place serves great food at an affordable price. We ordered the sugba and kinilaw with one platter of rice and we spent only 599 php. We were so full after eating. Goodbye diet! Haha!

More posts to come!


Cusi-Taboada Nuptial

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My friend, Zhiena Cusi has tied the knot with Giovanni Taboada in Sacred Hear Parish last March 31, 2012. Everybody was excited because she was the first to have a church wedding among the group. (This is why I was not able to post anything for awhile 🙂 ) The wedding started at 2pm and I was late. Haha! I arrived during communion, nevertheless, I was present to support them that’s important! 🙂

Happy Couple!  ♥

Us! waiting for the groom and bride outside. *Party Poppers*

After the reception: Goofing around! 

We’re camera shy! 😀

Oh! Last na! Promise! 


Forever 21 Dress Chain Headpiece from Multiply.com Gold Dot Shoes Black Necklace |

To my friend: Sorry, I was not able to prepare a speech for  you. I was too busy with your wedding and traveling. If I were to give a speech/ a piece of advice right now it would have been like this

To the newlywed, Congratulations! I would never have guessed that you will be the first to be married. I remembered when we were still young you said that you only want to have a kid and not get married. 😀 But look at you now! All dressed up in white!  You’re one happy bride! To both of you, I wish you a life filled with happiness and love. May God be the center of your relationship because in any trials that you’ll deal with He will guide you. We are just here, friend! We stick together. You know who to call! Put our numbers in speed dial. 🙂

I hope you’ll be able to read this dear.


Wedding Hairstyle

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It’s been a while since I posted something. Sorry for that! I’ve been busy with travel and my friend’s wedding. More of the wedding post soon. I was excited for my friends wedding that I wanted to do something with my hair. I searched in youtube for tutorials about wedding hairstyles. (Prepared much?!) 🙂 I came across lilith moon‘s channel?? ( is that how you call it? haha! sorry! just correct me if I’m wrong) Anyway, her tutorials were easy to do that when I tried it for he first time it was perfectly the same as what she did. Yey! here’s the tutorial:

Check my hair! (No make-up! don’t mind my face! haha! )


A little to the side 😀


Back view

That’s all for my wedding hairstyle. I was happy with my hair and friends loved it too. 😀 More posts next time!

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