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If you’re from Tacloban I know you’ve been here (especially our mom’s or dad’s age bracket. haha!) at Yolandas. It’s located in San Jose, Tacloban City. This restaurant has been established long before Jollibee, Mcdo, and other fastfood restaurants came here in Tacloban. It was the best restaurant before serving fish, shrimps and squid dishes. I think this place is what they call SUTUKIL (meaning “SUgba” broiling, “TUla” fish stew in clear broth, “KIlaw” Ceviche). You can choose the fish and they will cook it for you. Outside the restaurant is a small market where they sell fish and other seafoods then you can let the chef cook the seafood the way you want it.

Yes! this is the place! Nothing Fancy! 

It’s like another Carenderia! Don’t mind the place & the fishy smell! MIND THE FOOD! Delicioso!  🙂

View from the inside! 

Broiled Fish! 😀

Kinilaw! This is my favorite. *Super happy face*

Best way to eat here: Using your hands! 

 The place serves great food at an affordable price. We ordered the sugba and kinilaw with one platter of rice and we spent only 599 php. We were so full after eating. Goodbye diet! Haha!

More posts to come!



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