S. Korea 2

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

We stayed at Daemyung Resort and breakfast was great! *burp* We need to eat because we had a lot of activities ahead. Let’s go!

Our veiw from the hotel: Snow! 

NAMI ISLAND – If you are familiar with the korean series “Winter Sonata” Nami Island was the setting.

Nami Island

Lunch: Chicken Barbecue

If you are hungry in Nami Island there is a restaurant there famous for their Chicken Barbecue. In fairness, it was delicious! It tasted like Chicken Tocino. Like the pork barbecue you may eat it with rice or wrap it with lettuce.  😀

 We’re ready to grill! 

Chungju Lake Cruise : enjoy the view of Danyang Palgyeong the Eight Scenic Wonders

Didn’t really enjoy the cruise because it was too cold. 😀

 Dinner: We had our early dinner at a Korean Restaurant. It was like shabu-shabu with noodles, chicken, herbs and vegetables in it. I love the seaweed paired with rice, reminds me of Colifornia rolls. yumm!

with the group

We had a two hour ride before going to the hotel. For our last activity we were going to swim but for some reasons the pool was close so our tour guide suggested to have sauna instead. Sauna is popular in Korea because it makes their skin look younger. Good thing I didn’t go because I’m kind of conservative. Haha! (You need to be naked inside the sauna! Yes! No towel or anything to cover your privy.)


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