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If you’re from Tacloban I know you’ve been here (especially our mom’s or dad’s age bracket. haha!) at Yolandas. It’s located in San Jose, Tacloban City. This restaurant has been established long before Jollibee, Mcdo, and other fastfood restaurants came here in Tacloban. It was the best restaurant before serving fish, shrimps and squid dishes. I think this place is what they call SUTUKIL (meaning “SUgba” broiling, “TUla” fish stew in clear broth, “KIlaw” Ceviche). You can choose the fish and they will cook it for you. Outside the restaurant is a small market where they sell fish and other seafoods then you can let the chef cook the seafood the way you want it.

Yes! this is the place! Nothing Fancy! 

It’s like another Carenderia! Don’t mind the place & the fishy smell! MIND THE FOOD! Delicioso!  🙂

View from the inside! 

Broiled Fish! 😀

Kinilaw! This is my favorite. *Super happy face*

Best way to eat here: Using your hands! 

 The place serves great food at an affordable price. We ordered the sugba and kinilaw with one platter of rice and we spent only 599 php. We were so full after eating. Goodbye diet! Haha!

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Libro atbp. BOOKS & COFFEE

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If you like coffee and books Libro is the place to hang. It is located at corner Sto. Nino and Gomez Street. It’s a small but cozy place where you can choose a wide array of books while sipping a cup of coffee. If you’re not into hot coffee they have ice blended coffee and fruit shakes at an affordable  price. YES! You read it right! AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE! Imagine you can have a cupcake and an ice blended coffee for 100php. Student price kung baga! 

Order Here! 

Check the books! Maybe you could find one for you. 

The Menu! See how affordable the prices are? 

And I’m one happy kid! 😀 Cream puff (left) and Red Velvet Cupcake (right)

Ice Blended Caramel Latte

For the Ice Blended Caramel Latte: The combination of coffee and caramel is perfect. It tastes sweet because of the caramel but there is the coffee-kick in it. Coffee is not that strong though. 🙂 I recommend this to people with sweet tooth! This is great for chillaxing during a hot day. My Rating: 5/5

More to visit! Labidabs,


Oreo Cheesecake Cookie

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To all my readers: It’s been a month long since I posted a new article because I was busy for the month of Love! ❤

Anyhoo….. For my First comeback entry is a mouthwatering COOKIE!

Ohh yes! It’s not the normal cheesecake because it’s in a form of a cookie. At first, I wanted to make cheesecake but when I googled it I came across this recipe. It’s something new for me to have a cheesecake cookie so I got excited baking it. Voila! My own version of Oreo Cheesecake Cookie.

My mom and sister were the one who tasted it first and according to them it was YUMMY! Yey for me! Its my first masterpiece that was not too overcooked. 😀

I drizzled melted white choco chip on the cookie and according to my friend’s taste bud it tastes different because the taste of the cheesecake was overpowered by the choco chip. Thus, I didn’t took a picture of the cookie with white choco chip on top. Hahaha!

Lots of Love,


Choco Revel Bars?

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Photo from my webcam

Ohhh! First of all, this is my second time baking so I have an excuse for not making it perfect. 😀 This is the second time I made Choco Revel Bars. My first try failed. 😀 The pan was too big for my creation so it turned out to be so thin then I used margarine to grease the pan which made the bars stick to the pan. Hahaha! I know! I’m really bad at baking but I wont stop until its perfect. Learned my lesson with my first experiment. So I used smaller pan and used oil to grease the pan. (Please if you know how to bake enlighten me on what to use in greasing the pan. Hahaha! ) Anyway, on my second try i think using baking powder instead of using baking soda makes a difference because my bars were like mini cakes. Lesson learned again! Nevertheless, it tastes good! I’d say I’ll give myself 8/10 rating. 8 for all the effort! 😀



Blubberydoll xx



Big Bang

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So what I heard is true!

I heard Casa Verde has this really Big Burger with Fries on the side. To see is to believe!

Big Bang!

Go to Casa Verde and order The Big Bang & they will serve you this BIG burger. Two big buns with one big burger patty plus lettuce and cheese! BURP! Whoopsie! 😀 The taste is the same as other burgers but you’ll just get overwhelmed by the size. O_0

This plus size burger is good for 3-5 people. We tried to finish this burger but we just cant. We could only eat 3/4 of this burger and we’re already full. whew! 😀


Rating: 5/5

Restaurant: Casa Verde, Ayala Terraces, Cebu City

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