Polka + Floral

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Outfit of the day: 5-01-2012

Top from Aumbry | Bangkok skirt | Crocs Wedge

Floral + Polka 😀



Summer Rain

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Outfit of the day: 4-30-2012

Bangkok Floral Jacket | Yellow Blacksheep top | Arizona Shorts

Primadonna Borgues

  It was raining in a summer day thus the jacket. Since I don’t want to kill the summer feel I wore one with florals. Ohh yeah, I love the Primadonna  shoes! It’s comfortable and stylish as well.


Cusi-Taboada Nuptial

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My friend, Zhiena Cusi has tied the knot with Giovanni Taboada in Sacred Hear Parish last March 31, 2012. Everybody was excited because she was the first to have a church wedding among the group. (This is why I was not able to post anything for awhile 🙂 ) The wedding started at 2pm and I was late. Haha! I arrived during communion, nevertheless, I was present to support them that’s important! 🙂

Happy Couple!  ♥

Us! waiting for the groom and bride outside. *Party Poppers*

After the reception: Goofing around! 

We’re camera shy! 😀

Oh! Last na! Promise! 


Forever 21 Dress Chain Headpiece from Multiply.com Gold Dot Shoes Black Necklace |

To my friend: Sorry, I was not able to prepare a speech for  you. I was too busy with your wedding and traveling. If I were to give a speech/ a piece of advice right now it would have been like this

To the newlywed, Congratulations! I would never have guessed that you will be the first to be married. I remembered when we were still young you said that you only want to have a kid and not get married. 😀 But look at you now! All dressed up in white!  You’re one happy bride! To both of you, I wish you a life filled with happiness and love. May God be the center of your relationship because in any trials that you’ll deal with He will guide you. We are just here, friend! We stick together. You know who to call! Put our numbers in speed dial. 🙂

I hope you’ll be able to read this dear.


Wedding Hairstyle

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It’s been a while since I posted something. Sorry for that! I’ve been busy with travel and my friend’s wedding. More of the wedding post soon. I was excited for my friends wedding that I wanted to do something with my hair. I searched in youtube for tutorials about wedding hairstyles. (Prepared much?!) 🙂 I came across lilith moon‘s channel?? ( is that how you call it? haha! sorry! just correct me if I’m wrong) Anyway, her tutorials were easy to do that when I tried it for he first time it was perfectly the same as what she did. Yey! here’s the tutorial:

Check my hair! (No make-up! don’t mind my face! haha! )


A little to the side 😀


Back view

That’s all for my wedding hairstyle. I was happy with my hair and friends loved it too. 😀 More posts next time!

♥ ICY ♥

Repost: Sexy in all sizes: Von Follies by Dita Von Teese

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Repost from Fashionising.com

Written by Tania Braukämper

Some shows are less about the product and more an excersise of branding. The launch of Dita Von Teese’s Von Follies was a bit of both, but here was an LMFF show that mostly conveyed its message with props, casting choices and a soundtrack of dirty brass and burlesque symbol clashes. And why stray from brand Dita? It’s a strong brand, carefully set in place with hairspray and bobby pins and kept up by garter belts and suspenders. That’s the Dita fans know, and doubtless a lot of work goes into keeping it that way.

The Von Follies show opened with Dita herself, who packed a bucketload of burlesque seductiveness into a singular short appearence. She didn’t walk the runway; she performed down it. Hips swiveling, Louboutins gently but firmly telling the runway who was boss, outer garments cast away at the end of the catwalk revealing the show’s first lingerie set.

Following Dita came model after model but not in the usual cookie-cutter uniform sizes. And while there was no fanfare around this being a show for women of all sizes, the mix of models seemed to convey a message that any girl can spring from a giant martini glass looking great. What one lacks in washboard abs can be made up for with confidence and a carefully engineered sense of nostalgia. There’s an important distinction to make here, though: putting on a Von Follies set of underwear will not magically hide your flaws. But getting the styling right will certainly cast the kind of magic that makes people overlook them.

And that’s the thing that Dita knows, and that’s the secret she imparts. And that’s what she’s selling to fans. The ability to generate a type of sex appeal that’s based on fantasy, not just the naked body.

I can’t vouch for the quality of the Von Follies line – on the runway not all fits looked spectacular and after all this is a range (developed for retail chain Target) aimed at the entry to mid levels of the lingerie market, not one directed at the high end – but in the purveying of brand Dita, in the message that sexiness (particularly of the faux-vintage kind) is a full package that anyone can put together, the show played out its purpose well.

You can see all of the Von Follies by Dita Von Teese for Target runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.


Photography by Kelly Defina


I like Miss Dita’s concept of putting models of different sizes and shapes. Sexy does not only address 36-24-36 bodies! It’s for all sizes. Confidence is what it all takes to be sexy. Sexy? It’s every woman!




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I had this dress for a long time ago. I found it in my closet and decided to wear it. It’s a maxi dress. The top is a lace sleeveless and the bottom is a pleated sheer. I have to wear tube underneath because you could totally see my undergarment since its lace. 😀 Anyhoo… here it is

Black Bangkok Maxi Dress

Denim Vest

Forever 21 Glasses

Nothing much, I just wanted to show off my shoes! 😀

Nyx Matte Lippie: Pure Red ❤

Guess Watch | Bangles, Cross Necklace, White Cocktail Ring & Cross Connector Ring from Cebu

Scarf Wedge from Aumbry

I love those shoes! They’re very comfortable and elegant to look at. The scarf design makes the shoes chic! More outfits to come. Like my look:



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Xin Nian Kwai Le!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Happy New Year!

To all celebrating the new year, may all of us change for the better. Change comes from within. May prosperity, good health & good luck visit us this year. Yey! 😀

This is what I wore yesterday: Pastels! Pastels are so cute this season. And I read in elle that it’s in trend again! Check the colors in my outfit. I have to edit the picture because it was too pixelated. Credits to my sister who took the photo. *big Hug*

Bangkok top | Bandage Skirt from AUMBRY | Parisian Gray Shoes

White Statement Necklace 

GUESS watch | Bangles & Turquoise Ring from Cebu


Love the details on this shoes ❤
That’s all for now! 😀
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Love love,

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