S. Korea 2

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We stayed at Daemyung Resort and breakfast was great! *burp* We need to eat because we had a lot of activities ahead. Let’s go!

Our veiw from the hotel: Snow! 

NAMI ISLAND – If you are familiar with the korean series “Winter Sonata” Nami Island was the setting.

Nami Island

Lunch: Chicken Barbecue

If you are hungry in Nami Island there is a restaurant there famous for their Chicken Barbecue. In fairness, it was delicious! It tasted like Chicken Tocino. Like the pork barbecue you may eat it with rice or wrap it with lettuce.  😀

 We’re ready to grill! 

Chungju Lake Cruise : enjoy the view of Danyang Palgyeong the Eight Scenic Wonders

Didn’t really enjoy the cruise because it was too cold. 😀

 Dinner: We had our early dinner at a Korean Restaurant. It was like shabu-shabu with noodles, chicken, herbs and vegetables in it. I love the seaweed paired with rice, reminds me of Colifornia rolls. yumm!

with the group

We had a two hour ride before going to the hotel. For our last activity we were going to swim but for some reasons the pool was close so our tour guide suggested to have sauna instead. Sauna is popular in Korea because it makes their skin look younger. Good thing I didn’t go because I’m kind of conservative. Haha! (You need to be naked inside the sauna! Yes! No towel or anything to cover your privy.)


S. Korea 1

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April 12, 2012 we took our 1 am flight in Cebu International Airport. We arrived in Incheon International Airport at 6 am in the morning. So much for the beauty sleep but South Korea here we are!

First in our itinerary: The National Folk Museum of Korea

The Museum

Outside the Museum

Cherry Blossom starting to bloom!

Year of the Dragon

Next: The Palace where the royal family of Korea lived. This place also became known because some scenes were filmed from Jewel in the Palace. A popular television series not only in Korea but also in neighboring countries like the Philippines. FYI: the museum is near from the palace and you also need a ticket.


Going to the palace

Jang Geum poster

Designs on the roof

One of the tour guide wearing a traditional hanbok

Where parties were held


Lunch: Pork Barbecue

Served with sticky rice, kimchi, lettuce and some side dish

Next: Everland. Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. Along with its main attractions, Everland also includes a zoo and a water park known as Caribbean Bay. Everland is operated by Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.

To the entrance

Our ride going down


Tulip Festival

Tulip in full bloom

Catch this parade at 2:30 pm!

Tulip at the entrance


Mushroom Shabu-shabu! Dinner is served!

 DAY 1: DONE! 

China Day 3

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Last day of our tour, as usual free chinese breakfast. After breakfast we waited for our ride. It was so cold that I started sneezing. Allergies!!! wooo! Hate those allergies. I took my medicine for allergies and hoped it will end soon. We went to pick-up the others.

The first three tourist spots that we were going to see that day were all near. They were just few blocks away from each other. First we went to the National Center for the Performing Arts.

National Center for the Performing Arts

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a a large city square in the center of Beijing. It 440,000 m² – 880m by 500m wide. It has been the site of several important event in Chinese history.

 Forbidden City

Forbidden City was the imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty upto the end of Qing Dynasty. It served as the house of emperors, households and other official. It is divided into two, the Inner court where the emperor, empress, concubines & other households resides & was used for day-to-day affairs of state  while the Outer Court where the ceremonies are held.

Meridian Gate

According to our tour guide: this pavement is made up of 15 layers of bricks

In the Imperial Garden there are a lot of Cypress Trees planted because they believe it means LONGEVITY. 

Fast Fact: These cypress trees are more than a 100 years old.

After the Forbidden City, we ate lunch at a thai restaurant. The food was okay. I think thai food here in the Philippines was better. 🙂 Anyway, we went directly to the Temple of Heaven after our lunch.

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven is the place where the Emperors of each Dynasty pray for good harvest and for thanksgiving. The Emperor would fast inside and talk to God by himself. Nobody could see whatever the Emperor is doing inside. It is also said that the Emperor is the one nearest to God.

Jumpshot again! 🙂

Ohh… I forgot! In china if you go to their public restroom mostly these are the urinals.

I wont forget about this urinal, China!

After seeing the temple, we went to the Wangfujing street. I smell shopping! 🙂

Wangfujing street is one of the most famous shopping street. Wangfujing street is also home to a number of large department stores, souvenir stores,  streets food stalls and other goodies. In the street food stalls you’ll see a lot of unusual food being served. They have scorpions, starfish and many more. Didn’t try those because just thinking of the starfish being barbecued is kind of gross. I just like them in the sea. 🙂

Behind us is a big department store. 

Street Food Stalls

Wangfujing Street


Leather French Connection Jacket | H&M turtle neck top | Aumbry dress | Parisian shoes

China Day 2

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Second day and the weather is getting colder and colder. By the way, we stayed in City Inn Hotel. It’s four star hotel near happy village. The place is clean and when you get out there is a nearby department store and some fast foods like KFC and Pizza Hut. Though the name is City Inn it is not literally located in the downtown area. It’s an hour away from the downtown. It’s near Happy Village, an amusement park. For the food during breakfast it’s the typical chinese food. They serve some familiar foods like fish fillet and arroz caldo. There is a small souvenir shop inside the hotel and the prices are okay compared to those sold in great wall and other tourist spots. The only problem we encountered was the communication with the front desk. So if you have problems you need an interpreter badly or you should be great with sign language. 😀

City Inn Front Desk or Reception Area with my mom as the model

The two beds with my mom as the model again. 😀

So much for our hotel here’s the itinerary for the second day.

Before the Jade Factory we passed by this Old building. This is really old! ( like a century-old?) It’s a gate.

First stop, Jade Factory

The place where my mom bought a lot of jade pendants. They said a Jade Pixu (a little dragon which eats anything but does not make popo :D) gives good luck and wealth.

Jades have different color. Those are jades. They have a lot displayed in the factory.

Jade Cabbage. These brings good luck. It costs a lot too. 

A Pixu. Most establishments in Beijing have 2 Pixu statues before the entrance. (Goodluck!)

2nd stop: Great wall

Took us 1 and a half hour to get there. Facts: It was built to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire against intrusions by various nomadic groups. In the northern part of the vast land of China there lies the Great Wall which stretches from east to west, winding over mountains, across grasslands and through deserts in numerous twists and turns. Spanning total of 5,600 km, it starts from the banks of the Yalu River in the east and meaders toward the Qilian and Tianshan Mountains in the west. It’s considered as one of the world’s seven wonders in the medieval times. Moreover, Neil Armstrong said that the Great Wall is one of the two construction projects on the earth that can be seen clearly from space.

Wear flat shoes or any shoes that are you’re comfortable with because you need a lot of walking and climbing the stairs. whew! Good thing the weather was cool that time.

The Great Wall.

Jumpshot! 😀

After The Great Wall experience, we had lunch with chinese dishes. Honestly, I like some of the dishes because  they are the same with the Filipino food.

With the group having out lunch.

After lunch, we went to Summer Palace. From the place we had lunch upto the Summer Palace it took us an hour and a half bus ride. (most of the time it would take us that long before we arrive to the next tourist spot)

Summer Palace Entrance

The four decoration on the door shows your position as an official. The more the higher the position. 

Outside dragon lady’s room. 

A very detailed roof. 

Long Corridor with thousands of unique paintings.

After the summer palace, we went to Huawei.

You’ll get a tour around Hutongs, an old traditional alleyways and courtyard homes, riding a cycle rickshaw.

Cycle rickshaw, a traditional transportation in the alleys.

Cycle rickshaw waiting for customers. 😀

Short stop! Take a picture with the beautiful lake. 

You’ll pass by bars, old houses & a lot of souvenir shops.

For dinner, we had to eat here. Main course: Pecking duck, a very popular dish in China.

They serve pecking duck here. 


Mango Blazer | Black Sheep Shirt| Brown Braided Belt |Gray Scarf

Levi’s Denim Shorts | Black tights | Black Parisian Flats | Black satchel bag

China Day 1

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Lately, I was not posting anything because my family and I had a vacation in Beijing, China! Woohoo! November 8, 2011 we had a four-hour plane ride from Manila to Beijing. When we arrived the cold weather welcomed us. Brrr… It was autumn there and approaching winter already. We have to wear jackets and closed shoes so we wont get cold easily. I love the weather it’s like the whole place is airconditioned.

We ate lunch because we have to wait for the other six people included in our tour. Since the other six arrived late we only get to see two tourist spots that day.

First day itinerary:

1. Bird’s Nest

It is officially known as National Stadium. It was opened for the 2008 Summer Olympics when China was the host country.

See the seats? A lot isn’t it? It could accommodate 100,000 people.

2. Water Cube


It is officially known as the National Aquatics Center. It was opened for the swimming competition in the Olympics.  It’s a few walks away from the bird’s nest.

3. Acrobatic Night Show

Photos were not allowed but I got some few pictures before the show started and at the opening. The show was really nice! Even the oldies that was with us enjoyed the performances. An acrobatic show has become one of the most popular evening entertainments for tourists in Beijing. You can enjoy gravity-defying contortionism, juggling, chair-stacking, and plate-spinning acts, magics, mask changing and totally a lot more.

I took only two photos. boo!

Before the show starts

During the opening.


French Connection Leather Jacket | Thrifted Polka Top | Black tie | Levi’s Jeans | Thrifted Shoes | Black Bag | Black Ring from Cebu

Tacloban’s First Ever Cosplay

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Last September 10, 2011 the first ever cosplay was held at Leyte Park Gymnasium. They featured the queen of Philippine Cosplay, Ms Alodia Gosiengfia and her sister Ms Ashley Gosiengfiao. Cosplayers, proud mommies and daddies, friends, young at heart, even kids attended the cosplay. Two thumbs up for the organizers for such a well organized and fun event. 🙂

The Poster! 

I would like to CONGRATULATE the WINNERS!

Female category: Octavia (Irish Pamanian Delda)

Male Category: Bumblebee from Transformers (Arthur Labatiao) <- he ACTUALLY transforms into a car. cool?

Group Category: Highshool of the Dead  <– I have a friend from this group. Woohoo! Congrats girl.

Some shots during the event:

Me with Master Butin (spell check?) 🙂

with my friend Jessa from H.O.T.D

with Highschool of the Dead

with my friend Jaica who joined also the competition

with Mr Bumblebee! I know! I think I was so amused I forgot to look at the cam.

Yey! Enjoyed that day though I had my allergies. Till next cosplay! Congrats to the winners and to the organizers as well! JOB WELL DONE!

Boracay 2011

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A really late post again. hahaha! I forgot to post this before.

Last 2010 my friend suggested that we go to Boracay for this year 2011. Everybody was into it and we all booked super early ( 6 months before, i think?) so it would be cheaper. We got our round trip ticket for 4k. Some of us booked the flight from Manila to Caticlan while others including me booked from Cebu to Caticlan.

May 19 2011 we took the 12 noon flight for Caticlan. Caticlan is the nearest airport from Boracay while Aklan is an hour ride before you get to the port. It’s an hour ride from When we arrived we hired a tricycle and paid 117 php ( includes the environment fee, fare for the trike and the boat) Its a 5-10 minute ride till you arrive at the port. You have to pay 50 php for the terminal fee. When you arrive at the port of Boracay there are tricycles to reach the beach or you can hire a multicab. Fare is 100 php. We stayed at Tan’s Guesthouse because they have a big room that can accommodate 10 people since we were 14. Tan’s Guesthouse is located at Station 2 and a few meters away from the sea shore. For reservation you may contact Ms Net Sacapano at these numbers:  036 288 6878 (phone number), 09285000040 or  09209202481. Photos of Tan’s Guest House click on this: Link.

Stuff you we did at Boracay:

Swim at the clear blue sea.

Frisbee with friends.

Enjoy your ice cold beer with friends.

Jump at Ariel’s Point. For 1400 php you get unlimited jump at their cliff, snorkeling and eat-all-you-can/drink-all-you-can lunch and snack.

I got the best souvenir from Ariel’s Point. LOL. HEMATOMA!


Helmet diving.


Flyfish flying! haha!

Party! Free Drinks and New Friends!

Some stuff we didn’t have the time to do:

  • Zorb
  • Henna Tattoo
  • Braid our hairs
  • Sunset Sailing
  • Island Hopping
  • Scuba Diving
  • Kiteboarding
  • Skimboarding
  • Man! I forgot to take pictures with those fire dancers.
Meet US!
Our group pic in our messy room! With my new tsinelas because somebody stole my havs!
I love this swimsuit. Got it from Hot Pink!
Till next trip! Ciao!
Credits to Nikki, Ralsten and Christia for the photos.

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